Beyond Belief Glossary

Your comprehensive guide to all things Unidentified

Warning: May contain nuts…


Alien, Abduction, Aztec, Anti-matter, Anti-gravity, Apollo, Asteroid, Arthur C Clarke, Atomic, Astounding tales

Letter B

Body snatchers, Barbarella, Buzz Aldrin, Black hole, Blue dot, Bleep and Booster, Betty and Barney Hill, Blue Book, Buck Rogers

Letter C

Countdown, Crop circle, Carl Sagan, Crater, Comet, Conspiracy

Letter D

Dalek, Delta, Danger, Dark matter, Durand Duran, Doppelganger, Douglas Adams, Doomsday, Dr Who, Dan Dare, Douglas Adams

Letter E

Escape velocity, European Space Agency (ESA), Earthrise, Ed Straker, Elon Musk

Letter F

Fortean times, Future, Flying saucers, Force-field, Flash Gordon, Flesh Gordon

Letter G

Grey, Gravity, Gemini, Galaxy, Gerry Anderson, Gamma-ray, G-force

Letter H

Hammer horror, Hypersonic, HG Wells, Hieroglyphs, Hale bop, Heaven’s Gate, Hyperspace, HAL

Letter I

Identified, Isaac Asimov, ISS, Inter-Galactic, Inner-Space, Interstellar, Ionosphere, Illuminati

Letter J

Jupiter, James Burke, Jeff Bezos

Letter K

Klingon, Kubrick, Kuyper Belt, Kryptonite

Letter L

Lift off, Laser, Lionel Jeffries, Launch Pad, Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Letter M

Monster, Moon, Martian, Mercury, Moon Zero Two, Mars, Micheal Collins, Monolith, Magic, Meteorite, Milky Way, Mylar

Nottingham's slanty Letter N

Nuclear, Neptune, NASA, Neil Armstrong, Neutron star

Letter O

Orbit, Orson Wells, ‘O’ ring, Orion, Omni

Letter P

Planet, Proton, Photon, Pluto, Pioneer 10, Patrick Moore, Positronic Ray, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Phobos, Philadelphia Experiment

Letter Q

Quasar, Quetzelquatle, Quatermass, Quark

Letter R

Rocket, Robbie the robot, Radiation, Red Dwarf, Red Planet, Roswell

Letter S

Space, Stonehenge, Solar System, Star, Spaceman, Saturn, Star Trek, Steve Zodiac, Sirius, Satellite, Solaris, Soyuz, Scientology, Silver, SpaceX, Stargate, Supernova, Spock

Letter T

Terraform, 2001 This island earth, Time Machine, Titan, Tardis, Time Tunnel, Triffids

Letter U

Uranus, Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), Uhuru, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

Letter V

V, Vulcan, Venus, Von Braun, Von Daniken, Van Allen Belt, Viking, Vortex, Vomit-Comet, Virgin Galactic

Letter W

Waveform, White Dwarf, Weightlessness

Letter X

X-ray, X-plane, XL5, Xerox Parc

Letter Y

Yaw (pitch, rock and roll)

Letter Z

Zoony, Zardos, Zero, Zero-Gravity Toilet