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UX Research

Paul Fillingham, UX Research and Design Consultant

I’ve been a UX Consultant for nearly ten years, roughly half that time representing eSynergy as a contractor in agile multidisciplinary teams, designing enterprise SaaS applications within the public and private sector.

UX Research involves remote working from my studio in the midlands and working on-site at offices or client-facing locations anywhere within the UK.

I enjoy collaborating with other designers, developers and senior management – bringing expertise, empathy and a touch of good humour to what can often be quite complex design problems.

I’ve worked on projects based in Europe, the USA, British Overseas Territories, Canada and China, and spent the previous decade designing mobile applications, eCommerce stores, and pioneering digital platforms for financial services, high street brands, cultural organisations, and leading universities.

My formative years after multidisciplinary arts training were spent supporting creative agencies as they transitioned from analogue to digital studio production, during which time, I developed an understanding of how design communications can impact customer behaviour, satisfaction and the bottom line.


The Challenge

I’ve come to realise that compliance and knowledge-exchange are common challenges facing many governance and policy-led organisations – where effective product and service transformation can reduce operating costs, increase accessibility, and in the commercial space -increase profitability.


How I work

An important part of my consultancy work involves designing and conducting research sessions and workshops with key stakeholders. Subsequent analysis and reports and visualisations, can reveal how software systems, users and services operate – where pain-points and inefficiencies exist, along with practical recommendations on how they can be improved.

Multidisciplinary approach:

  • Information Architecture mapping
  • Stakeholder and User engagement
  • Service mapping
  • Creative design
  • Prototype testing
  • Value-based prioritisation



Recognising where things are going wrong, and fundamentally, how they can be fixed, is one of my prime objectives – ultimately delivering value through informed decision-making, and bringing about positive change for organisations and end-users, through better design.



Naturally curious, I’m always happy to explore new ideas and commercial opportunities in the research and design space. Availability can be tight, but I am able to call upon a small number of trusted partners and expert collaborators (amigos) with complementary skills, who help me deliver a wide-range of creative and technical services.

If you need help developing concepts for new products or services, or need to energise your existing team, or simply improve your business proposition, please get in touch.


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