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Paul Fillingham, Founder & Chief Digital Amigo @paulfillingham 

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Value Driven Creative Thinking

Web design is not simply a question of refreshing visual branding. For sites that have been operating for some time, valuable content can become siloed due to scope creep, fragmented navigation, dead-links and hastily-coded metadata.

Thinkamigo have helped many organisations overcome the performance issues associated by legacy websites and applications.

Site structure has always been an important part of our design focus. Understanding how users seek out digital content can vastly improve search, customer satisfaction and retention.

User Centred Design Principles

London agency Living Group needed help to develop a fresh mobile-compatible website for Harneys, one of their pre-eminent legal clients. Our research-driven approach focussed on the needs of an international audience; highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals who demand easy access to legislative documents for legal jurisdictions around the globe.

Having assessed the scale of the design challenge, we set to work developing a fresh keyword-rich information architecture which would scale well on mobile devices and deliver relevant results via a clean yet distinctive user interface.

Stock-photography was replaced with blocks of saturated colour, adorned with hand-drawn cartoon illustrations. Staff expertise and business leadership features were given greater prominence, adding to the value proposition and expressing the culture and personality of the company.

Visuals and site maps were quickly rendered as high fidelity prototypes, allowing remote offices to engage in design iteration and website usability testing via Skype calls with the product owner and design team.

printouts of wireframe designs
Wireframe designs for key page templates were created in Axure and made available online as responsive, high-fidelity, clickable prototypes.

Design methodology

  • Extract value from previously siloed content
  • Restructure taxonomy to improve usability and search
  • Mobile-first, platform-agnostic layout design
  • Content triage and signposting to accommodate new and existing users
  • Clickable prototypes to allow testing of common scenarios
  • Page template design aligned with client rebrand and style-guide
  • Content audit, scoring and prioritisation
  • User journey mapping and optimisation
  • Wireframe design for key page templates

Award-winning Results

The website launch was postponed by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria which brought widespread destruction to the firm’s operations in the British Virgin Islands. The design launched many months later, backed by a social media campaign and went on to win gold in two categories, including ‘best rebrand’ at the Transform Awards Europe 2019.

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