Dawn of the Unread - the book


Publication of our Guardian award-winning zombie genre interactive digital comic, Dawn of the Unread, featuring rebel writers from Robin Hood county.

Paul Fillingham, Founder & Chief Digital Strategist @paulfillingham 

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In 2016, Thinkamigo were given an opportunity to reproduce our Guardian award-winning interactive graphic novel Dawn of the Unread as a printed anthology.

When the dead go unread, there's gonna be trouble...
Dawn of the Unread features Nottingham literary figures. In one of the comics, D.H.Lawrence is depicted as a gun-toting eco-friendly Zombie Hunter by comic artist Hunt Emerson and writer Kevin Jackson.

The printed version, jointly funded by UNESCO Nottingham City of Literature and Spokesman Press involved assembling all of the digital comic assets with a new cover and additional biographical notes, but minus the embedded essays. Digital content such as video and essays would however still be signposted within the print publication to encourage follow-on engagement via the www.dawnoftheunread.com website.

Design for print

The book was designed in the Thinkamigo studio by amigos James Walker and Paul Fillingham. It was the first time the team had seen all of the episodic content from the project, assembled together. Unlike digital production which is iterative and open-ended, Paul and James had to work with the constraints of pagination and a fixed print deadline. To ensure there was adequate space for all of the content, a physical page plan provided a single thumbnail view of the entire publication.

Featured literary figures in Dawn of the Unread:

  • William Booth - Calm down it's only an abookalypse
  • Slavomir Rawicz - My long walk with Slav
  • Charlie Peace - Inside the mind of a master criminal
  • Gotham Fool - Little Boxes
  • Byron Clough - Booked
  • Alma Reville - Psychos
  • D.H. Lawrence - Zombie hunter
  • The 5th Duke of Portland - Duke and disorderly
  • Bendigo vs Nottingham
  • Ms Hood
  • Geoffrey Trease - Books and Bowstrings
  • Alan Sillitoe - For it was Saturday night
  • Mary Howitt - Will you walk into my parlour?
  • Stanley Middleton - Shelves
  • Margaret Cavendish - Mad Madge
  • George Africanus - Powe meets Africanus

Guest appearances

  • Ray Gosling, Writer and Broadcaster
  • Edith Sitwell, Writer
  • Inspector 'Blakey' Blake from ITV's On the Buses
  • The Mitchell Brothers from BBC Eastenders
  • Carl Froch, Super middleweight boxing champion


Page planning in the Thinkamigo studio.

Print publishing

The artwork for the original digital project had been supplied as high-resolution files, so comic pages were effectively print-ready. Additional cover design, page layout and typesetting were produced using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Digital pre-press and publication was handled by Tony Simpson at Spokesman Press. Spokesman was an appropriate publishing house due to its association with the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation which supports, international co-operation and literary freedom in countries like China. Tony was also involved in the campaign to secure UNESCO City of Literature status for Nottingham, Thinkamigo’s Dawn of the Unread (the digital comic) being a key case study for the bid.

Book launch - Nottingham Festival of Literature

YouTube clip of BBC East Midlands Today feature on Dawn of the Unread - the book

Dawn of the Unread (the book) launched in November 2016 at Antenna as part of the Nottingham Festival of Literature and also featured on BBC East Midlands news. The launch event included a presentation by the team and was attended by many of the comic artists, writers and student apprentices who had contributed to the original project. Attendees received a free copy of the book and the profits from subsequent sales support the work of UNESCO Nottingham City of Literature.

Dawn of the Unread is available from comic book outlets and Spokesman Books.

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