Six steps to business growth and success

Making UX research and design, work for you and your customers

The inevitable shift to online channels opens up huge potential for organisations and businesses

Success in the fast moving digital marketplace requires a deep understanding of customer needs. Whilst valuable insight into user behaviour can be captured in workshops and focus groups, it is essential that these research findings are embedded into the design and production process.

Developed over several successful business transformation projects, my six-step approach to UX research and design aims to do just that, thus maximising the impact and value of web, mobile and assisted digital services:

  • Strategic Goals
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Engagement
  • Concepts and Content
  • Prototype and User Journeys
  • Agile Team Workflow

Each step encompasses various user centred design activities which are detailed below:

Strategic Goals

1 Strategic Goals

Engage key stakeholders in order to understand high level strategy, operating environment, and business focus


  • Stakeholder workshop
  • Development team sprints
  • Competitor analysis
  • Tends and risk analysis

Visualisation model:

  • Stakeholder map
  • Problem statement
  • Business model canvas
  • Service lifecycle timeline

Data Analysis

2 Data Analysis

Analyse data sets to build subject matter expertise and business insights


  • Identify and source data sets
  • Segment users into groups and prioritise according to value

Visualisation model:

  • User scoring matrix
  • Infographics

Customer Engagement

3 Customer Engagement

Work with users to identify needs, attitudes and behaviours


  • Develop interview questions and scripts
  • Facilitate remote or face-to-face interviews and workshops
  • Capture pain-points, themes and user comments
  • Identify channel influences, pain-points and themes

Visualisation model:

  • User personas
  • User journey maps
Concepts and Content

4 Concepts and Content

Synthesise findings and develop value-driven design concepts and service interventions


  • Idea and feature workshops
  • Prototype design
  • Information architecture and taxonomy
  • User interface design
  • Content planning and design

Visualisation model:

  • Idea and feature scoring matrix
  • Wireframe
  • Storyboard
Prototype and User Journeys

5 Prototype and User Journeys

Evaluate prototype designs against strategic goals, user needs and stakeholder requirements


  • Development team sprints
  • Test prototype with real users
  • Capture and score test results
  • Iterate prototype testing to gain incremental improvements
  • Identify viable design interventions

Visualisation model:

  • Validate and refine all UX data models and artefacts based on feedback
Agile Team Workflow

6 Agile Team Workflow

Integrate research and design with agile workflow


  • Share findings with stakeholders and product owners
  • Development team sprints
  • Agree performance analytics and review frequency
  • Update kanban board sprint backlog
  • Develop content

Visualisation model:

  • Validate and refine all UX data models and artefacts based on feedback

Cost effective, sustainable development

With senior management support, design leadership and collaborative teamwork, this process puts research and design, front and centre of software development and communications. Providing a sustainable workflow that is aligned with strategic goals and performance indicators.

Ultimately, this allows stakeholders and customers to realise the value and benefits of service improvements and design innovation.

If you need assistance with UX research, design, support and training; get in touch.


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