Living Group – Harneys International legal services

UX research, interaction design

Project overview:


Living Group is an award-winning creative agency with expertise in the financial, professional services and technology sectors. One of their key clients is the global offshore law firm Harneys – experts in BVI, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Bermuda and Anguilla law.


UX Research and Design Lead, reporting to the Living Group Project Manager. Supporting client Account Manager, Creative Director and third party developers.


Redesign legacy website addressing usability issues around UI, IA and support for mobile users. Communicate business proposition, improve conversion and document search.

My contribution at a glance:

  • conducted content audit, scoring and value-based prioritisation
  • mapped user journeys
  • designed IA diagram detailing content types and all site elements
  • designed wireframes for key page templates
  • created clickable prototypes and UI interactions in Axure
  • developed walk-throughs for common user scenarios

Tools: Adobe CC, G-suite, Office 365, Axure, Invision

What we learned and what we achieved:

  • valuable content was siloed and lacked search-friendly metadata
  • restructured taxonomy to improve usability and search
  • old site rendered poorly on mobile
  • redesigned site with responsive pages
  • home page simplified to funnel new business and signpost queries from existing users
  • clickable prototypes facilitated playback of common scenarios
  • page template design aligned with client rebrand and style-guide


I began the project liaising with Living Group’s project management and creative team in order to establish Harney’s strategic objectives and build subject matter expertise. I also conducted research into the offshore legal commercial environment and customer segments, followed by an audit of the current website.

Website analytics enabled me to identify exit points and validate assumptions about increased mobile device usage within the sector. The legacy website was several years old and had grown organically, resulting in fragmented content and navigational inconsistencies that made document search very difficult. Surfacing relevant content became a high priority for the design process. This task was complicated by the fact that the site served as a hub for offices and experts located in different parts of the world operating under separate legal jurisdictions.

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Identified, categorised and scored legacy content to determine which elements were most valuable to website visitors and created a library of tags, subject categories and filters to surface relevant information in search results..

Mapped key users scenarios and sketched user journeys which were verified with daily with the client, account handler, creative and dev team. Created clickable wireframes in Axure in order to simulate interactions remotely with key stakeholders. Working with new brand guidelines I developed a library of templates for all page levels; from home page through to deep-linked long-form information pages which served as a guide to back-end developers.

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