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Book cover of Mine-craft the Prequel showing coal miners captured on different types of photographic media

Mine-craft the Prequel

Plate to Pixel: The infinite shoebox

This excerpt from the latest research publication by Thinkamigo editions looks at the history of photographic technology – from glass plates through to digital cameras and AI generated computer images

(10 minute read)

Illustration of a QR code displayed on a mobile phone against an abstract depiction of a crowd of people

Who do you think-QR?

Opportunity knocks for the humble QR code

Social distancing during the COVID pandemic saw a renaissance in the use of contactless QR (Quick Response) codes with mobile phones. This article looks at the history of the technology and selected QR projects from the Thinkamigo portfolio.

(5-minute read)

Comic art panel depicting a young Eastern European woman holding a union flag umbrella in the rain

Whatever people say I am

Sequel to The Guardian award-winning‘Dawn of the Unread’

The fourth digital comic in the Whatever… series represents the first time James Walker and Paul Fillingham have worked together as writer and comic book artist.

(2 minute read)

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