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Geri Halliwell

Who do you think-QR?

Opportunity knocks for the humble QR code (5-minute read)

Digital Lit on BBC News

Whatever people say I am

Sequel to the Guardian award-winning‘Dawn of the Unread’ (2 minute read)


Digital Gov. User Research

We support UK Government strategy in the design of inclusive digital technology to deliver improved access to online public services. Together with partner organisations and subject matter experts around the UK, we’re helping Gov.UK develop the secure and resilient services that are an essential part of a modern digital economy.

Digital Arts and Humanities

Our strategic partnerships with leading Universities, historians and educators, support the study, preservation and promotion of literature, history, art, and music. Our multidisciplinary approach to Award-winning digital humanities projects helped to secure Nottingham’s UNESCO status as a City of Literature, and have kick-started the careers of many students involved in these projects.

Web, Mobile, Print and Trails

With support from Arts Council England, National Heritage Fund, and other sponsors, we have built a substantial portfolio of sustainable digital platforms that continue to engage users and scholars. Digital comics, and heritage studies form the basis of our most popular hosted WordPress web designs and publications, whilst our latest mobile platform is geared towards the creation of cultural trails that explore the themes and places around us.

Digital Outreach

Our digital outreach workshops are designed to nurture skills transfer and social enterprise in former-industrial heartlands. Celebrating local history and contemporary culture through Web, Mobile and print media helps to connect people with the stories and events that continue to shape their communities. Schools and academic research are also supported by our not-for-profit, community interest company – Mine2Minds Education.

Enterprise Service Design

Experience in technology, financial and legal sectors with greenfield and legacy system migration informs our design methodology. We consider all aspects of the end-to-end service, and finesse the details to ensure customer touch-points are simple and friction-free. This user-centred approach to design significantly reduces production and operating costs and maximises value for commercial enterprises.

Training and Support

A strong learning culture is at the centre of everything we do. Our design-thinking workshops empower businesses, students, and organisations with the freedom and knowhow to communicate effectively in the digital space. Combined with hosting and ongoing support, Thinkamigo ensure your best ideas remain available and sustainable.

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